It may be hard to take a chance, but If we try, in the end we just might find it worth the while.

Who is in love with this picture?

I for one have trouble with stepping out.
Showing love to those around.
Because I'm to scared to fail.
I normally just stick to the laid out trail.
Not bothering to go my own way.
But that is going to change, and I'm starting with today.

Today, I will step out and lead the way.
Today, I will help at my own pace.
Today, I will choose to do something new.
And leave a legend behind.
Show the world whats mine.
I can do it today.

If we all rely, on that voice that says we cant.
Will we even try, to change the way we live.
So just break out to your own way and give.
Live your life and make it count.
Show the world and live it out, today.

you can start today // step out

Stay beautifully in today.
xoxo, Kayla