The sea shore

Take a walk by the sea side. 
And look both near and far. 
For every where your eyes glance. 
There's beauty where you are. 

The golden sun is setting on a white and sandy shore. 
The waves are rising upwards in splendor and galore. 
And all your troubles melt away with the rushing of the wind. 
The old days coming to an end with a new one to begin. 

The foaming of the water as it crashes on the sand. 
With calming blue serenity, both are hand in hand. 
And there's nothing I love better than when the sun does set. 
Reflecting off the ocean yet never getting wet. 

For the moon has waited all this time for its beauty to be shown. 
It quietly sits surrounded by stars, but yet still all alone. 
Though when the sun does slowly fade and the night light starts to shine. 
It chases after all the waves and shimmers in the night.


That's just a little something I wrote about summer. Which I am so excited for, I cant even. :)


But now onto the real news!
My bestest friend for infinity and beyond has started a blog! :} And I would appreciate it so much if you went over there and followed or left a comment! { I'm sure she would appreciate it to! } Um. So ya!
The link is right >here< 

Anyways. That's about it.

98 followers? Dude that is only two away from a hundred! I am going to be doing a contest when I reach 100! So if you know anyone that hasn't followed yet... Just tell them to hop on by. :)

xxx. Kayla


The sunshine award!

* Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
* Answer the questions they asked you.
* Nominate other bloggers.
* Give them a list of questions.
* Let them know that they have been nominated.
* The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post.

Thank you Madeline for awarding me. :)

I totally forgot that Ali awarded me to! So sorry that I forgot to do your questions.

1. What sort of story are you currently writing?
I'm actually not writing one at the moment. :} If I was though, it would most likely be a fantasy/action! I love those types of books! 
2. Favorite music at the moment?
Defiantly Happy by Pharrel Williams. I just cant get enough of that song!
Also, I don't know if anyone has seen 'Psych the Musical'? Oh my word! I have been listening to the soundtrack non stop! I can't get the songs out of my head! I will be walking down the street, and its so hard to control the urge to randomly break out in song. Ugh. I wish I lived in a Musical.
♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪
3. Type of tea?
I actually don't drink tea. Though sometimes I will make myself a cup, just to be 'british'. Because I have an unhealthy obsession with London. O.o
4. If somebody offered to buy you a plane ticket to wherever you wanted to go, where would you choose?
There are way to many places, like I cant even choose. How about when I become the doctors companion 
{ Pftt.Ya right. } I can just travel every where in the Tardis! Yay! Can I get a 'what what'! 
Other than that, either Australia, London, Belize, Switzerland, Japan, or Venice. 
5. Are you a neat and tidy or messy and disorganized person?
I am a messy yet organized person. Kinda weird, but I have my mess yet its organized? If that makes sense. 
6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Anna or Rapunzel. They are just to awesome for words!
7.  If you could bring back a dead fictional character, who would it be?
H-how could you do this to me? I am broken. There are so many..  Tris. Just yes. Or Prim. Just I cant even. Or Kili, Dumbledore, Fili, and Thorin. I am an emotional mess now. Thank you.
But I have to choose Tris. Im sorry.
8. The One or City of Heavenly Fire?
Is it bad if I have never heard of it? Oops. Sowwy.
9.  You have to destroy all your books but one. Which one is it?
Dude. What are you doing to me? Im going with either Divergent ( So I could live in the happy memories when everyone is alive. Q_Q ) or The Hobbit. Probably The Hobbit though. Cause I just love the way its written.
10. Which book would you want to live in?
Well in Divergent I would probably fail initiation and/or die. In the Hunger Games I would die. Have you seen all the running they do? XD In Harry Potter I would probably be a muggle. I might have to go with Lord of the Rings. Just cause Legolas. And I have more of a chance of being one of the elves.

I nominate the first 5 people to comment the most random thing you could think of. :}

The questions.
1. If you had one year left to live, what would you do?
2. If you were able to have any soundtrack for your life, what songs/movie soundtrack would it be?
3. You have a chance to rewrite one book, which one is it?
4. You can have one of your favorite characters as a best friend, who would you choose?
5. Favorite Disney movie?
6. Which fandom do you obsess over the most? { Besides all of them. XD }
7.  Movie or book?
8. Do you tend to like the villain more than the hero?
9. Your stuck on an island, and you can choose one fictional { Movie or book } person to stay with you. Who would it be?
10. Which book would you want to live in? { I stole this question. }

I haven't done a tag in forever, so I decided to do this one. 
I might do more in the future! Cause they are pretty fun. :)

xxx. Kayla


Back again.

So a lot has happened since we last met. Err.. Wrote.
 I got sucked into the world of Doctor who. A wonderful thing I might add. In fact I could start fan girling right now, but I'm saving you the horror.
I turned 13. Pretty cool. I mean you could say that I'm a teenager, but I know better. XD
I flew an airplane. Like not just flying in one, but I actually controlled the controls. It was awesome! I love flying so much.
I got a new camera. Which explain the pictures above. Its so amazing. And I am pretty sure I am either naming it Loki or Zorren. Just because. Well Loki. <<< Hes perf. And I mean, come on. How cool is Zorren? You will probably be seeing a lot of pictures from now on. If that's okay?
I also got an Instagram. Link here. iawkwardly
Its iawkwardly cause when I like someones photos. Its says I awkwardly liked your photo. And that totally explains me. Haha. 
*insert awkward laugh here*
I would also appreciate some post ideas. :) There is a lot more that has happened in these past months, but ill save the details for other posts. All the lovley comments that I have gotten and never replied too, I am truly sorry. I will try to reply to most of them this week. And OH MY WORD! 94 folowers? I am so close to 100! eek! Thank you guys so much! :D

 I apologize for my absence; the first post back is always the weirdest. 
So A-lonsy.
Pea ess. Loki or Zorren?
Pea pea ess. I know there is a lot of picture of my dog, but I couldn't help it. :}

xxx. Kayla