can i check your pockets?

am i squinting enough?
act natural.
leaf throwing determination.
best friends for infinity and beyond
your just a girl
with an incredible personality
your just a girl
who laughs constantly
and maybe that seems insignificant
but its not
because every 3 a.m conversation means the world to me
every awesome awkward social outing opens my eyes to see
that you don't need to worry about pleasing the world
you don't need to be amazing to society
because we are extraordinary in the most awkward quirky way
and who cares if people don't understand
because we do
and i feel so incredibly blessed to be able to say that your my best friend
you are the most amazing best friend

I'm alive? Hahahahayeshahahaha.
I am now going to present to you a cheesy pick-up line.

Can I check your pockets?
'Cause I think you stole my heart.

stay awkward


fall favorites

Fall favorites
Big over sized sweaters. 
Floppy sleeves are the best, you can sweetly slap people with your sleeves of terror.
Combat boots.
I love combat boots and floral boots. Its a slight obsession.
Pumpkin spice Hot cocoa.
You thought I was going to say coffee, didn't you? I absolutely despise coffee. I was feeling left out when I would go to Starbucks and order water in a coffee cup. *shh its a secret, people think i am drinking coffee* I found out though, that you can ask for Hot cocoa with pumpkin spice in it. Its so amazing.
Pumpkin pie.
Sometimes I add some pumpkin pie to my whipped cream. Just sometimes.
Christmas music.
Michael Bublé and Piano guys. All day everyday
I have an undying love for warm cozy beanies. I basically always wear a beanie, so I can feel the coziness of it as it caresses my head in utmost perfectency.
Pumpkin carving.
I adore carving pumpkins.
Pumpkin candles.
I always have one burning. I think I have stocked up on too many, there is basically a candle on every flat surface in my room.
As if there is something more Autunmy than that.
Raking them, jumping in them, going out of your way to crunch them, catching them as they fall, pressing them, and watching them glide down towards the ground. Is there anything better?
Chilly weather.
Excuse me? Did you just say you hate the cold? Give me a minute while I flop out my sweater sleeves, straighten my winter hat, put on my boots, blow out my candle, take a sip of hot cocoa, place my book gently on my fuzzy blanket, grab my sonic screw driver and go all Jackie Chan on you.
A holiday that celebrates giving thanks while I'm stuffing my face with rolls? Yes please.
Long walks.
Because walking without dying of heat, is just my cup of tea.

I guess that's it.
Autumn is perfect.
For now, enjoy this Pusheen gif.
The cutest epitome of my idea of fall.
Whats your favorite thing about fall?

Pusheen the cat pops out of jackolantern! :) Adorable!!! :)

Also, here is my favorite corny joke at the moment. { Pun totally intended. }

What did the tree say to autumn? 
leaf me alone. 



∞ thoughts ∞


I was so busy worrying about what you would think.
I was struggling to swim, so I started to sink.

Maybe those words you said hurt.
Maybe its just me.
Because no one ever seems to mess up, or maybe I am just to blind to see.

I know I keep disappearing, but I will probably only blog when ever I feel like it.

How about this fall weather though?
I enjoy Autumn so much! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I actually am not quite fond of hot weather. I would much prefer to be cold, and be able to layer with sweaters and beanies. I was wearing fall clothes in the middle of Summer. At least now people don't look at me like I'm crazy.
Also. Christmas music is life. Its never to early for Christmas music.
Movie soundtracks also. They never get old.
Have you ever heard secrets by One Republic? Well that song is on repeat and I don't think its ever going off.

The little poem thingy that I wrote up there is basically a jumble of my thoughts. I thought I might keep this up. Ya know? I could write a summary of my thoughts of lately in a little poem or something? I don't know.

Love ya guys.
Stay sassy { and salty }
Inside jokes. Ahh.


random appology

me failing at the hair flip. oops.
I would like to start by apologizing for disappearing.

je suis désolée

^That means I'm sorry in french.^
I figured if I apologized in style, then its all good.

A lot happened while I was away. Of course nothing that you would necessarily care about, but I'm telling you anyways.
  • I happened to drive 3,000 miles across the United States. No biggie.
  • I went to Yellowstone national park. Like wha?
  • I saw Crazy horse and Mount Rushmore.
  • I went to the top of the gateway arch.
  • I went through the badlands.
  • I saw my very first tumble weed. { Yes. That is a very big deal. }
  • I was officially announced a Disney princess, when I had Colombian ground squirrels eat cheese-its out of my hand. That's right. Now I am just waiting for perfect hair.
  • I went paddle boarding in the Pacific ocean.
  • I jumped off of cliffs into a mountain lake.
  • I saw my cousin for the first time. He is so adorable.
  • I saw Shawn Spencer's dads house. In person! I even went to where the Psych office was! It was filmed all around White rock, Canada. I was so happy.
  • I went to a Brandon Heath concert. It was amazing! He sung even better in person!
  • I went kayaking.
  • I went to camp
That is all that my brain can remember right now.
At the end of summer I will do a post of what I completed off of my bucket list.
How have you guys been? :D
Have you guys been watching season 8 of Doctor who? I actually like Peter Capaldi, a lot! I am a little disappointed with the plot and the way its written, but I am still really enjoying it.
I honestly have so much to say, but I am going to leave that for my next post. :) Which Is going to be this weekend. 
Yes. I know I disappeared for a while. Its one of my many talents. *poof* I have just been terribly busy, with my summer vacation and... Wait for it...
*drum roll*
I started High school! Its kind of exciting. Once I push back the mountain of work they give you, I think I can see a little glimpse of sunshine. Or is that my pencil glistening? I don't know.
You get my point though. I have had loads of work. That is actually what I should be doing right now, so I am going to skedaddle.
*chuckles because I used the word skidaddle*

doctor who animated GIF
isn't this gif perfect?

xoxo. Kayla


Fourth of July + songs

^ This is for the photo contest. ^

I know that its been twenty days since my last post.

I am truly sorry. Almost everyday I would sit down to write a post, I would write half of it, but then I would get distracted. <<< And there's my life.

I hope you guys had a great fourth of July! { If you live in America. }
Mine was fantastic! We had our family fireworks on Monday and then we went night swimming.
Then on the weekend of the fourth, we had a giant picnic and we watched fireworks! This is one of the things I look forward to every year. :) Because all of my friends are there and you can play football and eat.
Food makes everything worth going to.
I plan to finish all my half written posts, so that I wont disappear for an infinity again.
Also. I would like to enter the first photo up there ^ for Paige's summer photo contest!
Something that starts with 'S'.
Summer nights


Here are some of my favorite songs that I am enjoying at the moment.



With the wind in my hair, and the road at my feet.
I can look with new eyes, and know that I am free.

The choices I have made, the trials I have endured.
They can not stop me now, from traveling the world.

And all those dreams that have crumbled in my hands.
There still there, but they've been turned into plans.

So let me lift off to the sky, and never look back.
I have a smile on my face, and a bag fully packed.


I have always wanted to travel the world. It has been my lifelong dream. When I sat down, I randomly started writing about it. There is so much beauty, and yet so many people never see it. I want to be able to live life knowing that I saw the beauty, that I traveled. Though even if I never get to go to all the places I dream of. At least I will have my dreams, and pictures of my own little adventures, to hold on to.
I hope it wasn't too boring and that you guys enjoyed it. (:

Now here is a gif of Elsa. Your welcome. {:
The past is in the past.. (gif)

xoxo. Kayla


☼ summer bucket list ☼


 Go to a drive in movie
☼ Make a photo wall
☼ Make ice cream
☼ Picnics
☼ Go to camp
☼ Go to the mall
☼ Fondue 
☼ Dolly wood
☼ Make 5 DIY projects from pinterest 
☼ Game night
☼ Read 25 books { I am going to make a summer reading list } 
☼ Watch a meteor shower
☼ Bonfire
☼ Go swimming
☼ Watch fireworks   
☼ Learn new songs on the piano
☼ Go hiking
☼ Water balloon fight
☼ Take a photo every day
☼ Go roller skating
☼ Go bowling
☼ Make spaghetti tacos
☼ Night swimming
☼ Have a photo shoot
☼ Kayaking 
☼ Go four wheeling
☼ Sleep under the stars
☼  Go to a carnival
☼ Make a flower crown 
☼ Ride a horse
☼ Go to Canada
☼ Write everyday
☼ Have a Nerf war  
☼ Write a song
☼ Go to Yellowstone national park
☼ Go to mount Rushmore
☼ Blog more often
☼ Finish season seven of doctor who


What are your plans for the summer?
I am always making lists about everything. Less then half of them ever get completed, but hey! I try.


Warm hugs tag

I was tagged by the awesome Azia from this hipster writes! Thank you so much!!!
❅ Follow the blog(s) that tagged you (optional)
❅ Post 2 or more pics that include your fave characters, books, movies or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
❅ Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them.
❅ Answer the 10 questions the blogger that nominated you has written, related to books, characters etc.
❅ Create your own questions having to do with the same thing.

I love to listen to it.
The Hobbit

Azia Questions:

1. Tris from Divergent or Hazel from The Fault In Our Stars? hehe.
You are too cruel. I am going to have to go with Tris though. I really do love hazel and defiantly Gus. :} But I adore Tris so much!

2. What's your fave Disney movie and why?
Frozen and Tangled. There just both so perfect. And the songs? Ugh! I own the soundtrack for Frozen and I have played it all through the beginning of summer.

3. Favorite books series?
Lord of the Rings.

4. Which do you like better: old Disney movies or new Disney movies? Why?
I actually love both. The new ones just a little bit more. ( I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed. ) But that's probably just because of Frozen and Tangled.

5. A song that describes your life right now?

6. Who is your fave author?
Shel silverstien. Like seriously I could read those poems all day.
Haha not exactly. I cant really choose.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. <<< Cause I absolutely adore Sherlock.

7. Mulan or Pocahontas?
Mulan. I really like Pocahontas, but Mulan all the way.

8. Elsa or Anna? (Frozen)
Anna. I just love her so much. I can relate to her. XD She is awkward.  And perfect. { I'm the awkward part. :p }

9. Which Disney princess can you relate to the most?
Anna. ^^^

10. Fave character from Divergent?
Tobias. I'm sorry I cant help it. Plus at least he lives. (/*o*\) Oh no I didn't.

My Questions:
☼ Favorite movie series
☼ Favorite Disney princess
☼ Favorite Disney song
☼ Frozen or Tangled
☼ M&ms or Kisses
☼ Fact about your self
☼ Favorite book character
☼ Favorite singer/band
☼ Favorite quote
☼ Favorite season and why

I tag everyone reading this
Hannah Mary @ In the heart of Hannah
Tangerine Tane @ Fith out of Ten
Kenzie @ Think. Eat. Write. Read

Because there are so many people who have done this, and I can't remember who has done it and who hasnt, I tag everyone!
And, if you want to do this tag, just leave a comment and I will put you up there. :)


I love doing tags, so feel free to tag me!
Also. I am now doing button swaps! So if you would like to swap buttons, you can leave me a comment down below or visit my >>> blogs page.  <<< 

xxx. Kayla


picnics and whatnot + 100 FOLLOWERS

A picnic by the creek, with strawberry's, pineapple, and chocolate. :}
We went to the mall, and took random photos. 
The mall with my swag glasses.
Flower crowns. :) Except my Zelda hat stole the spotlight. { Are any of you guys Zelda fans? Cause dude, I am. }
Another mall picture. Sowwy couldn't help it.
I got this idea off of Pinterest.
Glowsticks at one in the morning. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

So I may or may not have just photo dumped you. Oh well. I enjoy it. >.<
 I think there was something else I was supposed to tell you. Hmm... It just cant seem to cross my mind again. Oh. Wait.
And I know there are blogs out there who have thousands, but I am so thankful for all a hundred of you guys.
I don't know exactly what I should do to celebrate. I was thinking a writing contest? If you have any ideas, just let me know. :)
I am just so excited. *screams and does happy dance*
(~•-•)~  ~(•-•)~ ~(•-•~)
Plus its been around a year since I started blogging, so double win. :)
I am just gonna post my 'statistics' to seem all businessy and stuff.

Laugh 'an Love

Pageview chart 15957 pageviews - 93 posts, last published on Jun 3, 2014 - 100 followers - 
'Boom baby!'
I have some post ideas for summer that are swimming in my head. <<< Get it? Swimming? Summer. Haha. No. So be prepared!

whovian stuff

I just watched 'The day of the doctor' recently. Oh the feels. They get you right here >  It was so good. I cant even.

Anyways, just thank you so much! For supporting this blog, following, and commenting.
Eveytime I get a comment or a follower it means so much. :} So thank you!
And make sure to let me know if I should do a contest or something like that. :)
xxx. Kayla


The sea shore

Take a walk by the sea side. 
And look both near and far. 
For every where your eyes glance. 
There's beauty where you are. 

The golden sun is setting on a white and sandy shore. 
The waves are rising upwards in splendor and galore. 
And all your troubles melt away with the rushing of the wind. 
The old days coming to an end with a new one to begin. 

The foaming of the water as it crashes on the sand. 
With calming blue serenity, both are hand in hand. 
And there's nothing I love better than when the sun does set. 
Reflecting off the ocean yet never getting wet. 

For the moon has waited all this time for its beauty to be shown. 
It quietly sits surrounded by stars, but yet still all alone. 
Though when the sun does slowly fade and the night light starts to shine. 
It chases after all the waves and shimmers in the night.


That's just a little something I wrote about summer. Which I am so excited for, I cant even. :)


But now onto the real news!
My bestest friend for infinity and beyond has started a blog! :} And I would appreciate it so much if you went over there and followed or left a comment! { I'm sure she would appreciate it to! } Um. So ya!
The link is right >here< 

Anyways. That's about it.

98 followers? Dude that is only two away from a hundred! I am going to be doing a contest when I reach 100! So if you know anyone that hasn't followed yet... Just tell them to hop on by. :)

xxx. Kayla


The sunshine award!

* Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
* Answer the questions they asked you.
* Nominate other bloggers.
* Give them a list of questions.
* Let them know that they have been nominated.
* The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post.

Thank you Madeline for awarding me. :)

I totally forgot that Ali awarded me to! So sorry that I forgot to do your questions.

1. What sort of story are you currently writing?
I'm actually not writing one at the moment. :} If I was though, it would most likely be a fantasy/action! I love those types of books! 
2. Favorite music at the moment?
Defiantly Happy by Pharrel Williams. I just cant get enough of that song!
Also, I don't know if anyone has seen 'Psych the Musical'? Oh my word! I have been listening to the soundtrack non stop! I can't get the songs out of my head! I will be walking down the street, and its so hard to control the urge to randomly break out in song. Ugh. I wish I lived in a Musical.
♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪
3. Type of tea?
I actually don't drink tea. Though sometimes I will make myself a cup, just to be 'british'. Because I have an unhealthy obsession with London. O.o
4. If somebody offered to buy you a plane ticket to wherever you wanted to go, where would you choose?
There are way to many places, like I cant even choose. How about when I become the doctors companion 
{ Pftt.Ya right. } I can just travel every where in the Tardis! Yay! Can I get a 'what what'! 
Other than that, either Australia, London, Belize, Switzerland, Japan, or Venice. 
5. Are you a neat and tidy or messy and disorganized person?
I am a messy yet organized person. Kinda weird, but I have my mess yet its organized? If that makes sense. 
6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Anna or Rapunzel. They are just to awesome for words!
7.  If you could bring back a dead fictional character, who would it be?
H-how could you do this to me? I am broken. There are so many..  Tris. Just yes. Or Prim. Just I cant even. Or Kili, Dumbledore, Fili, and Thorin. I am an emotional mess now. Thank you.
But I have to choose Tris. Im sorry.
8. The One or City of Heavenly Fire?
Is it bad if I have never heard of it? Oops. Sowwy.
9.  You have to destroy all your books but one. Which one is it?
Dude. What are you doing to me? Im going with either Divergent ( So I could live in the happy memories when everyone is alive. Q_Q ) or The Hobbit. Probably The Hobbit though. Cause I just love the way its written.
10. Which book would you want to live in?
Well in Divergent I would probably fail initiation and/or die. In the Hunger Games I would die. Have you seen all the running they do? XD In Harry Potter I would probably be a muggle. I might have to go with Lord of the Rings. Just cause Legolas. And I have more of a chance of being one of the elves.

I nominate the first 5 people to comment the most random thing you could think of. :}

The questions.
1. If you had one year left to live, what would you do?
2. If you were able to have any soundtrack for your life, what songs/movie soundtrack would it be?
3. You have a chance to rewrite one book, which one is it?
4. You can have one of your favorite characters as a best friend, who would you choose?
5. Favorite Disney movie?
6. Which fandom do you obsess over the most? { Besides all of them. XD }
7.  Movie or book?
8. Do you tend to like the villain more than the hero?
9. Your stuck on an island, and you can choose one fictional { Movie or book } person to stay with you. Who would it be?
10. Which book would you want to live in? { I stole this question. }

I haven't done a tag in forever, so I decided to do this one. 
I might do more in the future! Cause they are pretty fun. :)

xxx. Kayla


Back again.

So a lot has happened since we last met. Err.. Wrote.
 I got sucked into the world of Doctor who. A wonderful thing I might add. In fact I could start fan girling right now, but I'm saving you the horror.
I turned 13. Pretty cool. I mean you could say that I'm a teenager, but I know better. XD
I flew an airplane. Like not just flying in one, but I actually controlled the controls. It was awesome! I love flying so much.
I got a new camera. Which explain the pictures above. Its so amazing. And I am pretty sure I am either naming it Loki or Zorren. Just because. Well Loki. <<< Hes perf. And I mean, come on. How cool is Zorren? You will probably be seeing a lot of pictures from now on. If that's okay?
I also got an Instagram. Link here. iawkwardly
Its iawkwardly cause when I like someones photos. Its says I awkwardly liked your photo. And that totally explains me. Haha. 
*insert awkward laugh here*
I would also appreciate some post ideas. :) There is a lot more that has happened in these past months, but ill save the details for other posts. All the lovley comments that I have gotten and never replied too, I am truly sorry. I will try to reply to most of them this week. And OH MY WORD! 94 folowers? I am so close to 100! eek! Thank you guys so much! :D

 I apologize for my absence; the first post back is always the weirdest. 
So A-lonsy.
Pea ess. Loki or Zorren?
Pea pea ess. I know there is a lot of picture of my dog, but I couldn't help it. :}

xxx. Kayla


Hope for the new year { this is late }

via pinterest
She looked out her window and let out the sigh she had been holding. They were gone, and she was left behind. Left to grab at every thread that came her way, left to be alone. That wasn't the way it was planned, it just ended up that way. They couldn't help it, and neither could she. Though throughout the mist that seemed to cloud her eyes, she could see a glimpse of something. Something that didn't come around often, something that left her wanting more, something that was hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a bright future, but mostly hope that she could change her destiny. She saw hope and that, she decided, is what she was going to hold onto.

The holidays have come and gone. 'Ba-bam' Just there and left again. I had a wonderful time with my family and my best friend. *cough cough* "Happy late birthday." My New Year resolutions are floating around in my mind, the number one being to write all of them down... O_o  So here I give you my short refined list of notes to yours truly.

+ Blog more often. Meaning more than once a month. <<< Yes.
+ Redesign my thinking patterns. In which I will try not to blurt out my thoughts, that I in turn regret.
+ Try to do something called 'Physical exercise'. *shudders* Its not yet in my vocabulary.
+ Keep moving forward, or just keep swimming. { Ahh... Disney movie references. }
+ Organize myself, my closet, even my room. Basically keep mah stuff tidy.
+ Dream. Plan. And act. I want to dream an idea, plan it out, and then work to make that dream a reality.
+ Become an overall better person.  

There you have it. I will try but probably fail at keeping these promises to myself, as I pray this year goes by okay. :} I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now I bid you good-bye, until another time.