in which it snowed

ahaha trying to be dramatic
yer a wizard harry
the picture before i became a quitter and went inside to avoid frostbite
I don't exactly know who, if anyone, still exists on here. So in order to reduce the awkward introduction/summary of what I have been doing in the past year, I will save that for a future post and just skip it for now.
It snowed, as you can probably tell from the pictures, and it was fantastic! To say I was incredibly flipping excited is an understatement. After having a winter that feels like you are in a tropical forest and a Christmas in which I could have jumped into a lake and not even considered the possibility of hypothermia, I started to believe that I was going to have a cold less, snow less winter. Who in the world wants a winter without the feeling of icy air hitting your cheeks and snowflakes falling gently on your skin? Definitely not me, so patiently I waited for the day where I could officially start winter and embrace the cold. That was today. It is now winter and I am now content to continue on with 2016.
In celebration of it being below freezing, I forced my sister to participate in a not so professional photo shoot. Shout out to her for wearing a Dino onesie and criticizing my smile, I couldn't have done it without her.
There is just something about the snow, ya know? Everything becomes 100x more incredible, and even the things that were not particularly spectacular before become breath taking. It kinda makes the ordinary a little bit more magical. I don't exactly know how, as it is only frozen water. But it is frozen water that I love and adore with a deep passion to which I can't even put into words.
I have to admit though, despite all the obviously deep reasons why I am passionate about the snow, getting out of school was pretty great. The only thing that I don't miss about home school was having to do school when it snowed. At least now I have a valid excuse to skip out on assignments and be lazy. Hooray.
I apologize for this terribly messed up and rather sporadic post, it is getting late and I think my bed is calling my name. In fact this whole thing was a spur of the moment sort of ordeal. I rather liked it though. I hope to do this again very soon in the future.
last note:
Has it snowed for any of you guys? Are you as obsessed with the cold as I am? Or are you more of a warm rays of sunshine sort of babe.
signing out