random appology

me failing at the hair flip. oops.
I would like to start by apologizing for disappearing.

je suis désolée

^That means I'm sorry in french.^
I figured if I apologized in style, then its all good.

A lot happened while I was away. Of course nothing that you would necessarily care about, but I'm telling you anyways.
  • I happened to drive 3,000 miles across the United States. No biggie.
  • I went to Yellowstone national park. Like wha?
  • I saw Crazy horse and Mount Rushmore.
  • I went to the top of the gateway arch.
  • I went through the badlands.
  • I saw my very first tumble weed. { Yes. That is a very big deal. }
  • I was officially announced a Disney princess, when I had Colombian ground squirrels eat cheese-its out of my hand. That's right. Now I am just waiting for perfect hair.
  • I went paddle boarding in the Pacific ocean.
  • I jumped off of cliffs into a mountain lake.
  • I saw my cousin for the first time. He is so adorable.
  • I saw Shawn Spencer's dads house. In person! I even went to where the Psych office was! It was filmed all around White rock, Canada. I was so happy.
  • I went to a Brandon Heath concert. It was amazing! He sung even better in person!
  • I went kayaking.
  • I went to camp
That is all that my brain can remember right now.
At the end of summer I will do a post of what I completed off of my bucket list.
How have you guys been? :D
Have you guys been watching season 8 of Doctor who? I actually like Peter Capaldi, a lot! I am a little disappointed with the plot and the way its written, but I am still really enjoying it.
I honestly have so much to say, but I am going to leave that for my next post. :) Which Is going to be this weekend. 
Yes. I know I disappeared for a while. Its one of my many talents. *poof* I have just been terribly busy, with my summer vacation and... Wait for it...
*drum roll*
I started High school! Its kind of exciting. Once I push back the mountain of work they give you, I think I can see a little glimpse of sunshine. Or is that my pencil glistening? I don't know.
You get my point though. I have had loads of work. That is actually what I should be doing right now, so I am going to skedaddle.
*chuckles because I used the word skidaddle*

doctor who animated GIF
isn't this gif perfect?

xoxo. Kayla