r e s o l u t i o n s

pretend this photo is deep and pretend it has something to do with this post
I had a bunch of new years resolutions. A whole bucket full. They went something like this.

be healthy
be positive
stop over thinking
take more photos
love more
    You get the idea, well basically I failed. No really. On the first day I had two donuts for breakfast, I haven't taken a single photo cause I am too lazy to find my camera charger, my positivity is normal, I have over thought myself into a crater, and I still dislike most people.

    my new years resolutions
    I have officially decided that I am doing new years resolutions wrong. I just write a list and it ends up being buried under my lack of will power to actually do them. To go against my will power, I am just going to slowly work towards my resolutions. In order to be healthy, I will choose to drink more water and maybe eat some fruit instead of a brownie, or dark chocolate instead of the perfect, milky, heaven blessed Hershey. Little steps like that. If I don't complete my new years resolutions it doesn't mean I failed, it just means that there were more important things I needed to accomplish. Even if I feel like I have done nothing, its not nothing. Just because I don't accomplish what I want to accomplish, doesn't mean I haven't accomplished what I need to accomplish.


    I wrote this two days after new years, and totally forgot about it.
    I have had no time to write any posts, because I have two weeks of school to do this week since I missed last week. I am so overjoyed. Sorry for this filler post.
    Oh well.
    To end this how about a pickup line? No?
    Pfft you really thought I would listen to someone telling me they don't want to hear a corny pickup line. Haha never.

    If you were a fruit you'd be a


    u n i v e r s a l s t u d i o s

    this has a 12 on it, if ya get my drift

    this bus is 3 deckers, if ya get my drift

    this is just a random building, if ya get my drift

    this is Gringotts bank, if ya get my drift

    this is a roller coaster, i have no drift
     I have a totally slightly valid excuse for missing a week of blogging. I went to Orlando, Florida. We went to Epcot for one day, and Universal for the next three. Universal was amazing. I could dedicate a whole entire post to the Harry Potter section. It was so captivating. Maybe I am just weird, but Diagon Alley sucked me in. I was in the real { ha ha no } world of Harry Potter. I was so tempted to buy a wand or a robe, but I have no intention of spending over 20$ on anything. I convinced myself I could buy it online. I need want a Luna Lovegood wand, or a Voldemort wand.
    Basically Universal studios was incredible. I rode all the roller coasters at least five times each, and the shows were pretty cool! The incredible hulk and the rocking rip tide, were my favorite.
    The Harry Potter world made me fall in love with it all over again.

    “I think I'll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up - it always does in the end.” 
    ― Luna Lovegood