r e s o l u t i o n s

pretend this photo is deep and pretend it has something to do with this post
I had a bunch of new years resolutions. A whole bucket full. They went something like this.

be healthy
be positive
stop over thinking
take more photos
love more
    You get the idea, well basically I failed. No really. On the first day I had two donuts for breakfast, I haven't taken a single photo cause I am too lazy to find my camera charger, my positivity is normal, I have over thought myself into a crater, and I still dislike most people.

    my new years resolutions
    I have officially decided that I am doing new years resolutions wrong. I just write a list and it ends up being buried under my lack of will power to actually do them. To go against my will power, I am just going to slowly work towards my resolutions. In order to be healthy, I will choose to drink more water and maybe eat some fruit instead of a brownie, or dark chocolate instead of the perfect, milky, heaven blessed Hershey. Little steps like that. If I don't complete my new years resolutions it doesn't mean I failed, it just means that there were more important things I needed to accomplish. Even if I feel like I have done nothing, its not nothing. Just because I don't accomplish what I want to accomplish, doesn't mean I haven't accomplished what I need to accomplish.


    I wrote this two days after new years, and totally forgot about it.
    I have had no time to write any posts, because I have two weeks of school to do this week since I missed last week. I am so overjoyed. Sorry for this filler post.
    Oh well.
    To end this how about a pickup line? No?
    Pfft you really thought I would listen to someone telling me they don't want to hear a corny pickup line. Haha never.

    If you were a fruit you'd be a


    u n i v e r s a l s t u d i o s

    this has a 12 on it, if ya get my drift

    this bus is 3 deckers, if ya get my drift

    this is just a random building, if ya get my drift

    this is Gringotts bank, if ya get my drift

    this is a roller coaster, i have no drift
     I have a totally slightly valid excuse for missing a week of blogging. I went to Orlando, Florida. We went to Epcot for one day, and Universal for the next three. Universal was amazing. I could dedicate a whole entire post to the Harry Potter section. It was so captivating. Maybe I am just weird, but Diagon Alley sucked me in. I was in the real { ha ha no } world of Harry Potter. I was so tempted to buy a wand or a robe, but I have no intention of spending over 20$ on anything. I convinced myself I could buy it online. I need want a Luna Lovegood wand, or a Voldemort wand.
    Basically Universal studios was incredible. I rode all the roller coasters at least five times each, and the shows were pretty cool! The incredible hulk and the rocking rip tide, were my favorite.
    The Harry Potter world made me fall in love with it all over again.

    “I think I'll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up - it always does in the end.” 
    ― Luna Lovegood



    t h r o w b a c k - o k a y

    This is a tribute to all those photos that I have wanted to post but never have. A majority of these are from my summer vacation. Like the photo above where we fed ground squirrels at a rest stop in Idaho.

    White rock BC, Canada is absolutely beautiful. We went paddle boarding in the ocean which was amazing. There were seals swimming around when we were paddle boarding. Which was pretty awesome in itself, but when you have a deep fear of falling into the ocean and being devoured by the little carnivores, its not too exciting when its actually happening.

    Yellowstone National Park.
    It was beautiful. Even though half of the forest was burned down, it was still breathtaking. We saw about a thousand - give or take a few - buffalo. It wasn't Yellowstone National Park itself that made our trip amazing though, we traveled from Tennessee to British Columbia Canada. It took a week, but it was an amazing week. That is where all these photos came from. One week of road tripping.


    I am definitely not posting these photos in order. Oops. I guess I like to live on the dangerous side of life. We went to St. Louis, and visited the Gateway arch. I rode this little tiny claustrophobic inducing capsule, that took me straight to the top. The sun was setting when I was up there, so I was incredibly happy.

    I guess I just want to reminisce about happy times of last year. Photos of incredibly good times, that make me smile. Just because of the laughter I remember.
    You should let go of the past, but you should only let go of the darkness and negativity. Because in the future, when you are experiencing difficult times, you can look back and remember how you did have dark times but they always ended up okay. And you will be okay. And pain doesn't last forever. And things may not be perfect, but they are okay. And okay can be amazing.
    kayla elizabeth


    n i g h t m a r e s


    I often find myself haunted by dreams. 
    To which I remember things are not what they seem. 
    The real world and fairy tales are so often confused. 
    It's hard to tell which one you most use. 

    My nightmares are crouched in the shadows in crowds. 
    I'm sitting alone trying to block them all out. 
    Laughing and haunting as they watch me sleep. 
    Stirring in the restlessness that only dreams bring. 

    My nightmares grow stronger each and every day. 
    To which I don't notice till the light fades away.
    Creeping beside me, slowly and swift.
    Altering my thoughts and making me drift.

    My nightmares each night, fill me with fear.
    Their the words that I speak and the things that I hear.
    Their every bad deed that's ever been done.
    Their every time that I've failed and every demon that's won.

    And every smile just digs me deeper.
    But as much as I try, I'm still a restless sleeper.

    Maybe its just me, but when I was little I had nightmares. The worst kind. The ones where when you wake up, your not fully out of your nightmare. You can remember the smells, the fear, and the shadows from reality become your nightmare. I really hated going to sleep, because I was so afraid of dreaming. Every good dream turned into a nightmare. Thankfully I got over it, I no longer fear sleep or have even slightly as many scares as I used to. Though there are times when I do have nightmares, sometimes its the same one I have had since I was very little. The same beginning over and over, and your trying to make a better ending.
    I am probably just over thinking things, but dreams are amazing to me. Even the nightmares. Because some are so real, that years later you can't remember if it was a dream or if it was reality. 

    I finally figured out a posting schedule and I am so happy! Maybe now I will actually blog properly.
    Posting schedule
    At the moment I am not going to be posting certain things on certain days. I want to be organized, but lets be real.  I am divergent. I can not be defined.
    Thank you guys for all the feedback on my survey! I really loved all of your answers. 
    Haven't taken my survey?
    Kayla Elizabeth


    i b r e a t h e

    i don't even like tea, but i have not downloaded my photos yet, and i like taking photos of tea
    I'm back

    You may or may not have noticed that I have been gone. Yeah, I have basically neglected this blog for a whole year. I posted a little bit here and there, but nothing serious.
    I have so been wanting to post, but every time I go to write a post, I never actually post it. I was always worried about whether it was good enough or not.
    I realized though that I have to enjoy blogging. I have to blog for myself, at the same time I am blogging for you. It has to be a outlet for me, not something I feel pressured to do. I want to blog for you guys, because I enjoy blogging.
    I have really wanted to come back, I just have problems with writing posts after being gone for so long. #sorrynotsorry
    Anyways, I made a little survey, that I would love if you filled it out.
    It would give ideas of what content you guys like best, so that I have a good idea of what to post.
    { Its at the bottom of this post. }
    blog change

    My blog is a little bit different than before.
    I changed the name from Laugh an' Love to i breathe.
    Now the name might not be super special or super significant, but it means something to me.
    I often worry myself into a never ending roller coaster. My whole entire mind and body goes on overdrive, even if I know there is nothing to worry about. I am working to overcome my anxiety, and the first step is to make sure I breathe.
    Sometimes you just have to take it one breath at a time, when you are sinking you have to breath, even if you take in water. Because its either you pushing through the waves, or you drowning in the sea of your own thoughts and anxiety.
    I named this blog i breathe, because its a reminder to me. A reminder that I do breathe, and that I need to keep on breathing.
    Also, I got it redesigned by the lovely Rose. She did an amazing job!


    On a totally different note.
    I have recently started watching anime. Anime films, anime shows, I even read a manga. { Which was so much better than the anime. }
    My absolute favorite so far is Miyazaki films. Oh my word that man is a genius. I cried in Castle in  the Sky, which isn't surprising, because I cry in everything. It was just so good. My favorite out of every anime movie I have seen, would have to be Howls Moving Castle. I honestly do not understand how my life was okay with out it. I love the artwork, and the characters are amazing. Especially howl. You should definitely watch it, if you have not already seen it. I am slightly obsessed with it, as I have already seen it about five times.
    I guess I will fade off into the shadows now. I just wanted to tell you guys that I am back. For good. No hopefullys or maybes, I am back for sure.
    I will have a posting schedule for the next post, I might not follow it exactly but it would give me some organization. Seen as how I am so organized, haha not.

    Fill out my survey?
    I have got reverse Psychology down.
    kayla elizabeth