Hope for the new year { this is late }

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She looked out her window and let out the sigh she had been holding. They were gone, and she was left behind. Left to grab at every thread that came her way, left to be alone. That wasn't the way it was planned, it just ended up that way. They couldn't help it, and neither could she. Though throughout the mist that seemed to cloud her eyes, she could see a glimpse of something. Something that didn't come around often, something that left her wanting more, something that was hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a bright future, but mostly hope that she could change her destiny. She saw hope and that, she decided, is what she was going to hold onto.

The holidays have come and gone. 'Ba-bam' Just there and left again. I had a wonderful time with my family and my best friend. *cough cough* "Happy late birthday." My New Year resolutions are floating around in my mind, the number one being to write all of them down... O_o  So here I give you my short refined list of notes to yours truly.

+ Blog more often. Meaning more than once a month. <<< Yes.
+ Redesign my thinking patterns. In which I will try not to blurt out my thoughts, that I in turn regret.
+ Try to do something called 'Physical exercise'. *shudders* Its not yet in my vocabulary.
+ Keep moving forward, or just keep swimming. { Ahh... Disney movie references. }
+ Organize myself, my closet, even my room. Basically keep mah stuff tidy.
+ Dream. Plan. And act. I want to dream an idea, plan it out, and then work to make that dream a reality.
+ Become an overall better person.  

There you have it. I will try but probably fail at keeping these promises to myself, as I pray this year goes by okay. :} I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now I bid you good-bye, until another time.