make your future

Winter Beach Days

I listened to the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore, beating perfectly on the rocks and piles of drift wood covering the beach.
The fire glow danced against the grey sky, casting shadows with every move I made.
I hummed a soft tune, as I closed my eyes and smiled. Springing up from my seat in the sand, I just stood there, letting myself take it all in. This was the perfect moment.
This was the minute I could be me. I slowly breathed in and forced it out. Every time I failed, or messed up.
All those moments that I gave up, the days that I barley made it through, I let it go.
Me, myself, and I was going to enjoy the time I had right now. I refused to hold on to the past. Because I, was determined to make my future.


Hello :) People of the world. I have been posting a lot lately.. ( note my sarcasm? ) Ya, sorry about that. I guess I took an unexpected break.. I am back now though! Hopefully. 
*gives Kaitlyn a hug* "Thanks for reminding me to post!"
Xxx. Kayla

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