current favorites - music, books, tv, ect.

I have never actually done one of these before, but since my favorites are obviously so important I figured I might share them with you all.


I have always loved the world of Harry Potter, like the movie series makes it into my top three series of all time. I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter. Having watched the movies countless times, quoted it constantly, and even patiently waited for my Hogwarts letter. So how in the world had I never read the a single Harry Potter book? I have no explanation, except for that my life hasn't been complete until I completed this book.

Oh my word. This book was so good that thinking about it makes me want to re-read it over and over again. Just yes.

I have not yet read the other books in the series but I am definitely going to. The book lacked a few things, but the basic plot and story were really good! I loved it so much! It's definitely one of my favorites.

I would just like to point out that I did really like this book, a lot. It wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't say it was my favorite. It had so many good elements, and then there was the fact that I got annoyed by the characters. They were really cute books though!


I have an extremely broad music taste, I guess, but I just can't help it. Music is such a flipping big part in my life! There are so many songs, artists, bands, and such little time. Honestly, I could write a small paragraph of why I love each of the following songs, but that would take forever, so why don't you listen to a few and decided if you like them as well!
And yes, even the two K-pop songs. Hey! You never know unless you try, right?


brief summary - a heavenly cookie biscuit thing covered with the worlds most creamy mind blowing chocolate you will ever taste
It doesn't look like much, but one taste and your whole world will change. Please, if you have never tried it, buy a box right now. I am 99,9% sure you will be blown away.

The Tonight Dough
brief summary - ice cream with a punny name and Jimmy Fallon's face on it
Need I say more?


One Punch Man
This is an anime, and I actually don't know if any of you guys like anime so I am always a little unsure if I should talk about it or not? Because I have heard MANY different views on anime, some of which include judging the person who watches it. Awkward.
Any who, this anime is a comedy, action, and parody anime which is so entertaining I don't know where to begin. Basically this guy is so overpowered that he can wipe out any enemy with one punch. He becomes a hero and he literally looks like an egg.
No, really. I absolutely love it. Its so refreshing, as far as anime goes, and I love how it goes from being utterly stupid to making me cry. Guys, I am not kidding, this is life.

This show completes me! I started off not thinking I would like it, and I thought it might get a little too dark. Truth is, it is pretty dark compared to The Flash and other shows, but that is what makes me like it so much! I really like seeing the characters and their origins, especially Nygma. I feel for him on so many levels, its not even funny.

Have you guys seen the new episode? It is fantastic! I was so happy to see all the characters again after the hated hiatus between seasons. I won't say any more in order to avoid spoilers, but seriously. Just watch it.

Okay, I need to finish this before the list becomes endless.

This post was new territory for me, but I hope y'all didn't hate it too much! *nervous chuckle*
Let me know what your current favorites are, as I always love finding new things to obsess over!
And dude, if you like any of the things I mentioned, comment and I will rant with you. I'm not even kidding.

awkwardly signing out


i quite value my breath

she goes down to the basement
holding a box which contains broken parts
a box representing her broken heart

she places the box on the cracked cement
this box which she vows to never open again
and then
she ascends back up the crooked stairs
leaving this box to collect the dust in the air

in the box is the entirety of her past
she does this in an attempt to forget the people in those photographs ever existed
but she knows that this momentary courage to remove the memories wont last

she might eventually want to remember
to run her fingers over the words and images
the times that she secretly treasures

this box is her escape
once it is closed only she can choose to open it
but she can also choose to run away


Well hi there. This was a lame attempt to try and write something until I get a better idea. In order to make this even more lame, would you like to hear my favorite pickup line at the moment? I think you do.

I value my breath so it would be nice if you didn't take it away every time you walked by.

So, I am currently trying to update my 'about me' page and oh my word its so difficult. I can't decide whether to do a bullet list or if I should go into detail about my popcorn addiction and the amount of times I have watched Sherlock. I am half joking. #thestruggleisreal
If you guys have any tips or ideas I would be eternally grateful, as I have a terrible habit of turning any simple writing task into a novel.

awkwardly signing out