can i check your pockets?

am i squinting enough?
act natural.
leaf throwing determination.
best friends for infinity and beyond
your just a girl
with an incredible personality
your just a girl
who laughs constantly
and maybe that seems insignificant
but its not
because every 3 a.m conversation means the world to me
every awesome awkward social outing opens my eyes to see
that you don't need to worry about pleasing the world
you don't need to be amazing to society
because we are extraordinary in the most awkward quirky way
and who cares if people don't understand
because we do
and i feel so incredibly blessed to be able to say that your my best friend
you are the most amazing best friend

I'm alive? Hahahahayeshahahaha.
I am now going to present to you a cheesy pick-up line.

Can I check your pockets?
'Cause I think you stole my heart.

stay awkward