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I was tagged by the awesome Azia from this hipster writes! Thank you so much!!!
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I love to listen to it.
The Hobbit

Azia Questions:

1. Tris from Divergent or Hazel from The Fault In Our Stars? hehe.
You are too cruel. I am going to have to go with Tris though. I really do love hazel and defiantly Gus. :} But I adore Tris so much!

2. What's your fave Disney movie and why?
Frozen and Tangled. There just both so perfect. And the songs? Ugh! I own the soundtrack for Frozen and I have played it all through the beginning of summer.

3. Favorite books series?
Lord of the Rings.

4. Which do you like better: old Disney movies or new Disney movies? Why?
I actually love both. The new ones just a little bit more. ( I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed. ) But that's probably just because of Frozen and Tangled.

5. A song that describes your life right now?

6. Who is your fave author?
Shel silverstien. Like seriously I could read those poems all day.
Haha not exactly. I cant really choose.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. <<< Cause I absolutely adore Sherlock.

7. Mulan or Pocahontas?
Mulan. I really like Pocahontas, but Mulan all the way.

8. Elsa or Anna? (Frozen)
Anna. I just love her so much. I can relate to her. XD She is awkward.  And perfect. { I'm the awkward part. :p }

9. Which Disney princess can you relate to the most?
Anna. ^^^

10. Fave character from Divergent?
Tobias. I'm sorry I cant help it. Plus at least he lives. (/*o*\) Oh no I didn't.

My Questions:
☼ Favorite movie series
☼ Favorite Disney princess
☼ Favorite Disney song
☼ Frozen or Tangled
☼ M&ms or Kisses
☼ Fact about your self
☼ Favorite book character
☼ Favorite singer/band
☼ Favorite quote
☼ Favorite season and why

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Tangerine Tane @ Fith out of Ten
Kenzie @ Think. Eat. Write. Read

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  1. Awesome! I would love to do this tag when I have time.

    1. P.S I added you to my favourite blog page. I hope you don't mind! Here is the link if you want to visit: http://hannahmitter.blogspot.com.au/p/amazing-sites.html

    2. Thank you so much! :)) I just added you to my blogs page as well. :D
      And I tagged your blog on the post! In case you do it or not. I think it would be fun if you did. :}

  2. Yay! Thanks for doing this tag Kayla! I'll email you later best friend.

  3. Hehe this is cute. C: i love your blog!
    follow me maybeee? thankyou bbyyyy c:
    with love,

  4. oh no. you didn't. (that question about a favorite Divergent character)
    thank you soooo much for tagging me girl! And I really enjoyed this.

  5. I agree, Anna is the most relateble because of her awkwardness. lol

    Cathy - hello, Cathy


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