fall favorites

Fall favorites
Big over sized sweaters. 
Floppy sleeves are the best, you can sweetly slap people with your sleeves of terror.
Combat boots.
I love combat boots and floral boots. Its a slight obsession.
Pumpkin spice Hot cocoa.
You thought I was going to say coffee, didn't you? I absolutely despise coffee. I was feeling left out when I would go to Starbucks and order water in a coffee cup. *shh its a secret, people think i am drinking coffee* I found out though, that you can ask for Hot cocoa with pumpkin spice in it. Its so amazing.
Pumpkin pie.
Sometimes I add some pumpkin pie to my whipped cream. Just sometimes.
Christmas music.
Michael Bublé and Piano guys. All day everyday
I have an undying love for warm cozy beanies. I basically always wear a beanie, so I can feel the coziness of it as it caresses my head in utmost perfectency.
Pumpkin carving.
I adore carving pumpkins.
Pumpkin candles.
I always have one burning. I think I have stocked up on too many, there is basically a candle on every flat surface in my room.
As if there is something more Autunmy than that.
Raking them, jumping in them, going out of your way to crunch them, catching them as they fall, pressing them, and watching them glide down towards the ground. Is there anything better?
Chilly weather.
Excuse me? Did you just say you hate the cold? Give me a minute while I flop out my sweater sleeves, straighten my winter hat, put on my boots, blow out my candle, take a sip of hot cocoa, place my book gently on my fuzzy blanket, grab my sonic screw driver and go all Jackie Chan on you.
A holiday that celebrates giving thanks while I'm stuffing my face with rolls? Yes please.
Long walks.
Because walking without dying of heat, is just my cup of tea.

I guess that's it.
Autumn is perfect.
For now, enjoy this Pusheen gif.
The cutest epitome of my idea of fall.
Whats your favorite thing about fall?

Pusheen the cat pops out of jackolantern! :) Adorable!!! :)

Also, here is my favorite corny joke at the moment. { Pun totally intended. }

What did the tree say to autumn? 
leaf me alone. 



  1. Very good kayla . Excellent as usual. Love it

  2. I completely agree with everything! :)


  3. I totally agree with all the things you listed! Ah, fall is the most wonderful time of the year. :)

  4. It was so beautiful just reading this. I'm transfixed by your words. <3
    I have to disagree on the chilly weather thing though. SUMMER BABY FOREVER. I need to try that pumpkin spice cocoa doe.... :)

    1. Aww. Thank you so much! That made my heart melt.
      Yes. Try dat pumpkin spice latte. CHILLY WEATHER IS MY BAE.

  5. Wondeful post! Enjoyed reading it :) That joke though! HAHA
    I followed you. :) Keep writing! Hope you can visit my blog?


    1. Haha! I know right. (: Thank you so much!
      I visited your blog. Its lovely. ♥

  6. Haha! Awh. This post made me just want to go curl up in a big ball of Autumn goodness and never leave. ^-^ I'm going to have to try pumpkin spice in my hot cocoa! Sounds amazing.

    Ahh... okay, now I'm going to go dream about fall and it's lovely weather. Goodbye.

    ~ Jess // homeschooledauthor.blogspot.com

    1. I am still in my big ball of Autumn goodness. Who says you hafta leave? c:
      Pumpkin spice is pretty amazing!
      I hope your dreams are truly lovely.
      Good bye.

  7. Awesome list! I love the Piano guys. I also love long walks, beanies, combat boots and so many other things on this list.

  8. love this post! made me fall even more in love with the autum season :) im deff going to try the hot cocoa spice thing, sounds super yummy :)


  9. Great great post! Did you take those pictures yourself? They're so nice (and I love your stuff <3)!

    I love Autumn- it's my favourite season!

    Blog | YouTube

    1. Pfft. I wish. If I had all those sweaters and Doc martins, I could die happy. (:
      Thank you so much!

  10. Fall is such a great season! I really like the colors, and the weather has been really nice here lately too! :)

    -Riley XO

  11. I fall in love for that boots!

    The Mercury


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