∞ thoughts ∞


I was so busy worrying about what you would think.
I was struggling to swim, so I started to sink.

Maybe those words you said hurt.
Maybe its just me.
Because no one ever seems to mess up, or maybe I am just to blind to see.

I know I keep disappearing, but I will probably only blog when ever I feel like it.

How about this fall weather though?
I enjoy Autumn so much! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I actually am not quite fond of hot weather. I would much prefer to be cold, and be able to layer with sweaters and beanies. I was wearing fall clothes in the middle of Summer. At least now people don't look at me like I'm crazy.
Also. Christmas music is life. Its never to early for Christmas music.
Movie soundtracks also. They never get old.
Have you ever heard secrets by One Republic? Well that song is on repeat and I don't think its ever going off.

The little poem thingy that I wrote up there is basically a jumble of my thoughts. I thought I might keep this up. Ya know? I could write a summary of my thoughts of lately in a little poem or something? I don't know.

Love ya guys.
Stay sassy { and salty }
Inside jokes. Ahh.


  1. <3 <3 P E R F E C T I O N <3 <3

  2. I love autumn and winter, too! The only bad thing is that where I live, snow starts late October and sometimes only melts in early April, lol. :)


  3. Same! I wore autumn clothes all through summer, at least now I can dress comfy and not look crazy!


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