With the wind in my hair, and the road at my feet.
I can look with new eyes, and know that I am free.

The choices I have made, the trials I have endured.
They can not stop me now, from traveling the world.

And all those dreams that have crumbled in my hands.
There still there, but they've been turned into plans.

So let me lift off to the sky, and never look back.
I have a smile on my face, and a bag fully packed.


I have always wanted to travel the world. It has been my lifelong dream. When I sat down, I randomly started writing about it. There is so much beauty, and yet so many people never see it. I want to be able to live life knowing that I saw the beauty, that I traveled. Though even if I never get to go to all the places I dream of. At least I will have my dreams, and pictures of my own little adventures, to hold on to.
I hope it wasn't too boring and that you guys enjoyed it. (:

Now here is a gif of Elsa. Your welcome. {:
The past is in the past.. (gif)

xoxo. Kayla


  1. That was awesome! You're so good:)

  2. that was amazing and beautiful, Kayla, you are so talented. ♥
    and girl, I definitely know how you feel. :)
    Tane ♥
    PS: Oh my, thank you for the GIF. Loved it. xxx

  3. Wow that poem really is beautiful! I wrote one too about falling in love:


  4. What a cool poem. Traveling is a lot of fun! Where is one place that you would really like to visit?

    -Riley XO

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    1. Oops. I deleted my last comment. :( You are really good at writing poems!

  6. I tagged you here: http://wonderkid22.blogspot.com/2014/06/fashion-tag.html

  7. Beautiful Poem :) I love the line, "And all those dreams that have crumbled in my hands.
    There still there, but they've been turned into plans."
    Beautiful and so true! Keep writing! I will buy your book one day ;) xo

  8. I love this poem, you are very talented! I just wanted to let you know that category one is open for Here's To Summer photography contest. You can view it here if you like xx
    The Joys Of Being Paige

  9. What a lovely poem to read, and the GIF at the end made it that bit more enjoyable ;) Frozen obsessor over here!

    Amy xox


  10. I awarded you the sunshine award over at me blog :)


  11. Great word choice and beautiful poem.

    Daisy l littlekawaiidaisy


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