☼ summer bucket list ☼


 Go to a drive in movie
☼ Make a photo wall
☼ Make ice cream
☼ Picnics
☼ Go to camp
☼ Go to the mall
☼ Fondue 
☼ Dolly wood
☼ Make 5 DIY projects from pinterest 
☼ Game night
☼ Read 25 books { I am going to make a summer reading list } 
☼ Watch a meteor shower
☼ Bonfire
☼ Go swimming
☼ Watch fireworks   
☼ Learn new songs on the piano
☼ Go hiking
☼ Water balloon fight
☼ Take a photo every day
☼ Go roller skating
☼ Go bowling
☼ Make spaghetti tacos
☼ Night swimming
☼ Have a photo shoot
☼ Kayaking 
☼ Go four wheeling
☼ Sleep under the stars
☼  Go to a carnival
☼ Make a flower crown 
☼ Ride a horse
☼ Go to Canada
☼ Write everyday
☼ Have a Nerf war  
☼ Write a song
☼ Go to Yellowstone national park
☼ Go to mount Rushmore
☼ Blog more often
☼ Finish season seven of doctor who


What are your plans for the summer?
I am always making lists about everything. Less then half of them ever get completed, but hey! I try.


  1. Lovely post! I'm thinking of doing a summer bucket list post as well.

  2. I will have to do one of these, but it won't be a summer bucket list, more like a winter holiday one:P

  3. I've always wanted to go to a drive-in movie...

  4. That's really cool, to make a summer bucket list. ^-^ I have yet to finish creating my regular bucket list!

  5. Awesome. :) I hope you manage to do every single one of those...I know I'd love to.
    Love ya! Your blog is wonderful!
    Tane ♥


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