n i g h t m a r e s


I often find myself haunted by dreams. 
To which I remember things are not what they seem. 
The real world and fairy tales are so often confused. 
It's hard to tell which one you most use. 

My nightmares are crouched in the shadows in crowds. 
I'm sitting alone trying to block them all out. 
Laughing and haunting as they watch me sleep. 
Stirring in the restlessness that only dreams bring. 

My nightmares grow stronger each and every day. 
To which I don't notice till the light fades away.
Creeping beside me, slowly and swift.
Altering my thoughts and making me drift.

My nightmares each night, fill me with fear.
Their the words that I speak and the things that I hear.
Their every bad deed that's ever been done.
Their every time that I've failed and every demon that's won.

And every smile just digs me deeper.
But as much as I try, I'm still a restless sleeper.

Maybe its just me, but when I was little I had nightmares. The worst kind. The ones where when you wake up, your not fully out of your nightmare. You can remember the smells, the fear, and the shadows from reality become your nightmare. I really hated going to sleep, because I was so afraid of dreaming. Every good dream turned into a nightmare. Thankfully I got over it, I no longer fear sleep or have even slightly as many scares as I used to. Though there are times when I do have nightmares, sometimes its the same one I have had since I was very little. The same beginning over and over, and your trying to make a better ending.
I am probably just over thinking things, but dreams are amazing to me. Even the nightmares. Because some are so real, that years later you can't remember if it was a dream or if it was reality. 

I finally figured out a posting schedule and I am so happy! Maybe now I will actually blog properly.
Posting schedule
At the moment I am not going to be posting certain things on certain days. I want to be organized, but lets be real.  I am divergent. I can not be defined.
Thank you guys for all the feedback on my survey! I really loved all of your answers. 
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  1. What a lovely post! I had lots of nightmares as a little kid, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Ooh. Yes - nightmares can be the worst. As I kid I had them only occasionally. Then recently (after a heat stroke in which I began hallucinating) I had some pretty bad dreams pretty regularly. This post was chillingly relatable.

    Also - I'll be looking forward to more regular posts from you!

    1. Wow. Thank you! I am sorry about your heat stroke. That sounds awful.


  3. That is beautiful! Lovely writing. <3


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